The Club Rules of Teambros Fitness Club must be followed by all visitors and members. These Club Rules form a part of your Membership Agreement and will be applied fairly (at our discretion). If you do not comply with our Club Rules, we may ask you to leave the premises, deny club access and/or terminate your Membership. Club Rules are important as it ensures safety, helps us maintain our Club standards and creates a comfortable environment for everyone. Different branches may have their own rules displayed inside the Clubs, which you must also comply with. Our Club Rules may change from time to time and will be published on our website.


  1. Members must use their access key to enter the Club during opening hours and cannot bring non-members into the Club. Members are required to leave the premises before our closing time for safety and security purposes. A $1000 fee will be applied to members who stay outside of our designated trading hours.

  2. Alcohol or illegal drugs cannot be brought into our Clubs. Members will be asked to leave the premises if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or any substance that may impact an individual’s ability to exercise safely.

  3. Food or beverages that were not purchased within the Club cannot be consumed, except in cases where a staff has permitted to do so. If a product was purchased at the Club, it cannot be consumed on the training floor. Drinks are accepted.

  4. We strongly recommend that valuables are not brought into the Club. Teambros will not be responsible for any loss or damages.

  5. Smoking (including e-cigarettes and similar devices) inside or near the entrance of our Clubs is prohibited.

  6. When taking photographs and video recordings, we ask that you respect the privacy of other members in the Club. Photographs and videos must not be taken without consent and this must not detract from other members using our facilities. We may ask you to delete these image forms from your device and social media.


  1. Equipment must be used for its intended purposes. Follow the instructions or relevant signage provided. If unsure, please ask a staff member. Please do not bring your own fitness equipment. Items such as gloves, lifting straps, belts and yoga mats are acceptable.

  2. If a machine seems unsafe or faulty, please inform a staff member immediately.

  3. Usage of chalk and liquid chalk is not permitted at our Clubs.

  4. Plastic or aluminum bottles containing water or sports drinks are permitted on the training floor. Glass bottles are not permitted in our Clubs.

  5. Wipe down equipment after use with wet wipes provided at the Club. A towel must be used on all equipment to maintain a hygienic environment.

  6. Think of other members in the Club by returning the weights after use. Please share the training space and equipment.

  7. Slamming of weights and placing them against mirrors is not allowed. You will be asked to pay for any loss or damages caused by your actions and non compliance of Club Rules.

  8. Appropriate clothing and enclosed shoes that are fit for exercising must be worn at all times when using our facilities. We ask members to not wear safety boots (work boots) on the training floor and may ask that you cover additional cleaning costs.


  1. Lockers are available for rent at some of our Clubs and are subject to availability. The minimum term for a locker rental is 1 month and a locker rental agreement must be signed. A cancellation notice period of 4 weeks is required. To terminate your locker rental agreement, a signed cancellation form is mandatory. All belongings must be cleared from the locker by 11:59 pm on the last day of your rental period. Failure to remove items by this time will result in their disposal.

  2. Lockers must be used to store items that you will be requiring when using our facilities. If we suspect that a locker is being used for any other purposes, we reserve the right to open the locker and report this matter to the NSW Police. We cannot guarantee that a locker will prevent theft or damage. We do not accept liability for any theft, except where due to our negligence. Charges will apply for repair fees associated with any damages to lockers incurred during your rental period.

  3. Our Clubs have a general area/shelves where members can leave their belongings when they visit the Club. Although camera surveillance operates in these areas, it cannot guarantee the prevention of theft or damage. We do not accept liability for any theft or damages. All belongings must be removed from the shelf when you leave the Club. Any items left overnight will be removed and will be disposed of, if it is not collected within 7 days.

  4. Only one person can be in the shower cubicle and toilet at any one time.


  1. Junior members are members who are 16 and 17 years of age. The same Club Rules apply to our junior members. Junior members must only use the facilities during staffed hours. We will not be liable for any loss, injuries, death or damage incurred as a result of the junior member’s non compliance of Club Rules.


  1. Parking is only for members and guests while using our Club facilities. Parking spaces may be subject to maximum time limits as shown on car park signage. Teambros will not be liable for any loss, theft and/or damages to vehicles.


  1. Only personal trainers hired under Teambros Fitness Club can provide personal training services in our Clubs. Members are not allowed to bring their own personal trainer. If we also believe that you are conducting unauthorised personal training sessions, you will be asked to stop.


  1. Any health and safety notices informed by the staff or displayed in our Clubs must be followed. If you have injured yourself during your workout session, please let a staff member know before you leave.

  2. In an emergency situation, we ask that you follow our staff’s instructions.

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